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Purifying air to ultraviolet


  • Germs Control is a vaccum cleaner and an air purifier 2 in 1.
  • Germs Control reinvents the vacuum cleaner and air purifier.
  • Germs Control kills germs, viruses, bacterias and chemicals while facilitating the maintenance of your home.
  • Germs Control rovides a central vacuum and a wall vacuum equipped with ultraviolet (UV-C) unique in the world.
Germs Control Germs Control Condo
Germs Control  is the perfect model of vacuum cleaner for your home. No matter how many entries you will need Germs Control will give you the power to keep your family safe from contaminants.Product specifications Germs Control Condo reinvents space in your home.  Cleanness will be atyour hand, since your vacuum will be installed in your cupboard under your sink or even in your closet. Not to mention that when you leave for your leisure you can take it on the boat or RV. Product specifications