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Purifying air to ultraviolet

Germs Control Condo


  • Wall system (possibility sled)
  • 12.8 amps
  • stainless Steel
  • Size 4.5” x 10” x 22”
  • Integrated carbon filter
  • Ultraviolet germicidal lamp


  • Stretch hose 30 ‘or more
  • adjustable sleeve
  • Set of 5 brushes
  • HEPA air purifier ionizer coal
  • Air Purifier

Air filter click here


  • Control Germs Condo is a wall system that is easily installed in apartments,condominiums or even recreational vehicles. The installation can be in a place under construction or already built. Condo Control Germs can easily become the sled to makethe cottage. Contact your dealer for the purchase and installation or model sled.

Contact your dealer for installation


  • Engine 5 year warranty
  • Reactor lifetime warranty
  • 10 000 hrs light warranty
  • Attachments 3 year warranty

Made in Canada:

  • Germs Control is proud to be manufactured in Canada.