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Purifying air to ultraviolet

Do you know the air pollutants?

Vacuum cleaner bag:

The vacuum cleaner bag is an incubator for bacteria. Once inside the bag pathogenic bacteria eat the non-pathogenic and become harmful to health.


l the conventional vacuum cleaner is very dangerous for your health, it is a veritable incubator of bacteria. Even if you change the bags and filters,it is contaminated because the bacteria are everywhere in accessories, hose and the engine.


Mold and mildew:

The hot and humid conditions that are often in the shower, in the kitchen or basement are conducive to mold growth.


Paints, glues and solvent:

Your house is full of toxic product. Glues in floors, painting walls, insulation in walls and appliances all produce toxic fumes for your health.


The animal dander and saliva :

The flakes falling from the coat of your cat or dog and the protein in saliva (in fact the most allergenic of a pet) are deposited in carpets and bedding as well as furniture.



Pollen comes from trees, flowers, grass and some house plants and are often the cause of allergies.



Dust is composed of bacteria, detritus atmospheric content of dust mites in mattresses and other airborne particles.

obacco smoke :

The smoke and fumes of tobacco can be part of indoor air pollution, creating a film and a smell of smoke in the air.